Hi, my name is Amy and I am the founder of The Beez Kneez Naturalz. I was born and raised in the St Louis area and left in 2010, after enlisting into the Marine Corps. During my time of service, I met my husband and we have three beautiful children, and a long list of animals.

Why choose this path?
When traveling the country in our RV, a common theme I noticed, was that I could not find “clean” body care in the big box stores that was not filled with unnecessary chemicals and fragrance. When visiting a bee farm, along the North Carolina coast, something started buzzing with me! At first it was lip balms, body balms and beard balms, but that has evolved.

When my family and I settled into our house in Waterloo, Illinois, I began researching and dabbling into soap making. I found joy in creating recipes that include ingredients from the earth.

Thank you for supporting my business and I hope to continue to share my love for this with you all and more!